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Holy week from the great “depths” of the world batman!   We had company in town last weekend, only to have the main water line back up due to tree roots.  Well, on a holiday weekend, that was fun to try to get the rental agency to fix.  Our company ended up leaving the next evening because we would have had to move out to a hotel for showers and such – not in the budget.  The plumbers eventually did get the line unclogged and it is up to the owner to do something about the tree roots.  There’s nothing like being able to poop in your own house again.

We thought that was the end of it.  Nope – the good news just kept on coming.  My husband’s company moved us to Savannah to build two libraries, but a few weeks ago the job fell through.  John has been working (crazy busy hours) from the office here in town, but he is not on a specific job.  So now there is a chance that we may be moved again if a job is awarded somewhere else.  This news coming to us after we just packed and paid to move everything here 2 months ago, not to mention the whole “baby is coming” thing.  Eh – what’s life without a few curve balls?  We love where we are right now and are REALLY REALLY hoping not to have to move again.  If anything, we’d love the opportunity to permanently relocate to this office.

But it gets better.  The renters we have in our Florida house are moving for a job.  THIS MONTH.  How awesome is that?  They just moved into our house in April, and now they are leaving.  So financially, that one hits us the hardest. The rent they paid only covered a little over half the mortgage, but still – that’s more than nothing!  We either have to get renters in ASAP, or we may have to get rid of that house.

And oh wait…. There’s more!   Today, the A/C died.  That’s right, it is 87 degrees in this house at 9:45pm.  I am a freaking melted mess of pregnant hormones!  John is in Florida for a work meeting and told me to go to a hotel for a night, but that is not in our budget, and it is a pain in the freaking butt to pack up a toddler for one night.  We will sweat it out and hope for the best tonight.  The A/C people should be here tomorrow morning sometime.  I just need to figure out things for us to do to keep us out of the house until it is fixed.

Ok – vent over….    Life really isn’t bad.  It was just one thing after another this week.  I did have my 34 week baby check-up. Baby is still sunny-side up – boooooooooooooo- but everything else is perfect.  I feel great, but the Braxton hicks are becoming even more frequent and tighter.  It just reminds me that my body is preparing.  I’m trying to use my exercise ball daily and am still at the gym 3-4 days a week.  I love the looks I’m getting from people at the gym.  They think I’m going to drop the kid right there! Hahaha.

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