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Thursday, July 21, 2011 10:26

week 30

Written by Elizabeth Elizabeth
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Exhaustion does not even begin to describe my mood over the past two days.  I know that at 30 weeks, the tiredness is going to start creeping up on me, but this is just ridiculous.  Scarlett has been clingy and needy and cranky for some reason.  THAT is the root of my exhaustion.  My days normally begin at 5:25am with my alarm reminding me that the gym is calling my name.  Yesterday started just as any other day: gym, shower, yummy scrambled egg breakfast.  I had my energy and was going strong. Scarlett and I went to the library story time and stopped in at babies-r-us to pick up a box of wipes.  Somewhere between there and home Scarlett just became this overly-tired, cranky child!  She fell asleep in the car (nothing new) and I transferred her to bed when we pulled in the house.  For one reason or another, she woke up and decided that a tantrum would be more fun than a nap.  At this point, I was hitting my needed naptime.  It was a battle to say the least!  The normal 2.5-3 hour naptime may have lasted 40 minutes total.  The rest of the afternoon was just a downhill spiral from there.  I counted the hours until John got home, only to find out that he wasn’t getting home until almost 9:00pm!  (He was working on a project.)  I would have thought Scarlett’s bedtime would have been early: NOPE.  It was just the afternoon from cranky Hell.

I did not make it to the gym this morning.  (Who could have guessed that?)  And my morning seemed to be a continuation from yesterday’s afternoon!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….  I took Scarlett to the play area at the mall to burn off some steam, but holy cranky tantrums while going through the mall.  I was ready to give up, but all of a sudden: NAPTIME happened. Thank you GOD!! She slept for 2.5 hours and woke up HAPPY!!  We headed to the pool and had a great afternoon.  I need a day to recover though.

Good thing we are heading out for vacation this weekend!! We will be spending a week at the beach with my in-laws and family.   A whole week is a long time to spend with anyone, but we’ll be at Ponte Vedra Beach in Jacksonville, FL.  That’s where our house that we rent out is, so we have a huge group of friends there! I am lining up play dates and girls’ nights.  I cannot wait!  John is stoked to see his friends and have a night out as well.  He did promise me a date night too!  The packing starts tomorrow.  The amount of “stuff” that needs to come with us for Scarlett for a week is insane!  Toys, diapers, laundry detergent, books, a pack-n-play, etc…

Week 30 of pregnancy:  I’m still feeling great, minus the whole “2-day Scarlett meltdown.”   We have to pay our homebirth midwife in full at the next visit.  That is always a fun check to write. NOT.  Although, it is completely worth it for the birth we want.  And after filling out all of the insurance reimbursement paperwork, we are hoping to get some of the money back.

We have to start getting our “bag” together.  For a homebirth, it is not the typical birth bag.  We have to have about 12 towels and vinyl covers to protect the mattress(es) – because you never know where you will want to labor.  There’s a list of about 10 things like these that we need to purchase.  A bunch can wait until due date is approaching.  We have to keep orange juice on stock for after the birth (and of course champagne for mimosas!).   We celebrated Scarlett’s birth with mimosas as well – so it looks like that may be a tradition we have started.  No complaints there at all.

I have been indulging in the occasional glass of red wine since I hit the third trimester.  I know that many of you reading this may have some choice words to share with me; however, my midwife (along with EVERY other country in the world) encourages it.  John and I can have a glass every few days after dinner.  It definitely helps with relaxing and just being in the moment.  (Not to mention, helps me get “in the mood.”)    J

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