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Wednesday, June 15, 2011 21:06

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My week has gotten away from me!  I have lost all track of the days and the time!  Things are finally falling into place here in Savannah.  Our house guests have moved into a new place, Scarlett has started pee’ing on her big girl potty, laundry is put away (almost all of it), and I know how to drive to the pool without using the GPS – huge successes people – HUGE!

We decided to do the social membership in our neighborhood, as there are two big outdoor pools for the summer and two indoor pools for the winter.  We have a gym and access to the restaurants in the community as well.  Let’s just say that I could get VERY use to this lifestyle.  Because it is a “renter’s market,” this area is well above anything we could ever afford to buy into, but heck, it’s in our price range right now, so why not!



John has been back in Charleston for most of the week, finishing the job up there.  Scarlett and I have been busy meeting friends!  I found a few groups of mamas on-line and met with one group yesterday at the splash park.  They were nice enough, but their little ones were all around 6-9 months old.  A bit young for Scarlett’s play group… However, I am totally lying.  As a mother in need of friends, it shouldn’t matter the babies’ ages.  I just didn’t quite “love” the ladies.  They really were nice enough, and I will give a second chance, but there was no huge spark.  And as you other mommies know, there has to be that “spark” that connects you to another mom.  I did however meet three other moms that had a little bit older children.  They were more my style, very put together, fashionable, and interesting. I exchanged numbers with them before leaving the playground.  I’m hoping they liked me too John and I joked last night that we are treating “it” more so as a puppy than a baby.  This meaning that “it” has no name, old hand-me-down blankets, etc.  We figured that, worst case scenario, once baby arrives, we’ll try names on him/her until one sticks.  How horrible is that?!?!  Either that or we flip a coin. I don’t know what is worse!  We should REALLY get on the whole name thing.

With the baby’s due date 10-11 weeks away, it means that Scarlett will be turning two SOON.  This makes me just as emotional as the baby coming!  I don’t know how or what to plan for a party.  Her first birthday party was HUGE!  I mean ridiculously huge, and of course AMAZING.  Do we wait until baby has arrived? Do we plan it a week or two early and hope baby is not early? Should we just have it whenever family is in town to meet new baby? UGH. Decisions, decisions.

On a completely different note, we are thinking about joining the Savannah food co-op.  We have been interested in doing a CSA or co-op for a while now, but are finally situated enough to seriously consider it.  I met an awesome mom at the library last Tuesday who is a part of the local co-op.  I’m learning a lot from here, as well as from the research John and I have done on-line.  We currently have a box of fruits and veggies delivered every Tuesday from a local CSA, but I don’t think it I worth the money.  That and I am not a fan of not knowing what is going to show up in the box.  This week’s fruit was blueberries, and we all hate blueberries.  It is the only fruit we don’t eat.  So after giving those and a huge head of cabbage away, the price was not worth it at all.  At the co-op, you can buy a-la-cart.  That seems to be our best option.  That and they have meat, cheese, milk, eggs, yogurt, and personal products such as shampoos and deodorants.  I know that some of you may think we are nuts for wanting to go this far out there, but after reading an article on the sodium nitrites being sprayed onto the meats in our grocery stores (even some of the “organic” ones) – and this chemical being linked to a 67% higher risk of cancer, we are done with it.  It just isn’t worth it.  We would rather pay a dollar more a pound and know that the meat (and everything for that matter) is purely farm raised, grass fed, true-to-size, food.

Speaking of food, this kid is starving!  I managed to find some amazingly delicious buffalo wings at Fresh Market yesterday. I’m going to dive into those right about now!

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