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About UsWe are a Mother/Daughter team; we are each others sounding board, biggest fan and most honest critics. And that’s why this works. As a unique team we are able to provide insight from two unique perspectives to reach a wide-range of audience members. To say that fashion is a lifestyle is an understatement. After losing our beloved hair dresser, we realized that there was really no good way to go about finding a lost stylist. So we did what any dedicated client would do! We called all of our local salons looking high and low for our one and only. There is nothing that invokes fear more than having to change a hair dresser, seriously, it’s worse than breaking a stiletto heel just before an important business meeting.

That’s when we started talking to other people and realized this a was universal fear that needed to be handled immediately. We felt that there was more that we could do and myStyleConcierge.com was the answer. For us, fashion is an art form and beauty is an intricately detailed process that fits into a certain type of lifestyle. One where fabulousness can simply be walking around a gorgeous boutique surrounded by carefully constructed fabric, sitting at a great café sipping the perfect coffee or even having a palate pleasing meal complete with a perfect glass of wine and fantastic friends.

We are always open and honest with our besties. Therefore, we bring the same candid spirit to our members who are our friends. We want to give each member a place to escape and indulge themselves in the things that interest them.

Patricia Chenoa


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