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Wednesday, November 24, 2010 00:00

Reception location, Orlando Reception venues

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Reception location was a high priority on my list of things that could make or break the feel of my wedding. Because of this, when looking for a venue, I had a specific list of demands, I mean must haves or have not’s, that needed to be met. Ok, who am I kidding? The list was mostly have not’s and what I didn’t want it to have was tacky hotel carpeting.

I wanted it to be unique, beautiful, have character and not have carpeting. The other catch was, it needed to seat between 100 and 150 guests. So that immediately scratched some gorgeous locations off the list, sigh. Some of which included Casa Feliz in Winter Park and the Courtyard at Lake Lucerne, both are quaint settings at historic residences that provide an amazing backdrop for photography. Unfortunately, they were unable to accommodate the guest list size.

My next step was to look at hotels. Well more like forced to by the mother of the bride, yes that makes her my mother. Her number one pick was Grand Bohemian because of location and size. They agreed to allow us to use the pool terrace for the cocktail hour and hold the remainder of the reception indoors. However, the purple and gold (carpeting) theme just didn’t mesh well with my platinum, navy and blush pink visions. Then, I stumbled on the holy grail of wedding venues, Isleworth Country Club. It had wood floors (no carpet!), a gorgeous fireplace, it was perfection.

Then, four months before the wedding, poof! The dream was smashed, the venue fell through from an over site that was caught too late and the search started again. Panic attack, tears, all in all general meltdown commenced at the thought of finding a venue last minute. I lucked out and booked the Grand Ballroom at Church Street that amazingly had a cancellation on my date the day before I called.

Yes, it had carpet but who can be choosy last minute. I worked with my DJ Bryan from Tagas Events and Production, Puff ‘n Stuff catering, and my florist to create a mood with lighting, linens and florals to hide the carpet. Mind you, everyone was already telling me no one would notice carpet colors, and they didn’t. I’m probably the only one worried about flooring in a reception location. But I learned a huge lesson; when you can’t change what’s there, work with it. The location was amazing, my colors didn’t clash with existing décor and it turned out just as I imagined!

Reception location, Orlando Reception venues



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