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Tuesday, January 25, 2011 00:00

A New Image Salon

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The thought of an hour long facial just makes one melt away into a state of Zen, eyes close and a Mona Lisa-like smile appears on your face. So, why wait? The cost? Pshaw. Not if you know what I do.

At A New Image Salon in Conroy, you do not have to fret about price. Most of all you don’t have to forgo quality for price either.

At A New Image Salon located at 6700 Conroy Road, Orlando 32835, you can meet esthetician, Amparo. The moment you meet, she is completely interested in finding out what your goals or concerns are about your skin. Once you express your concerns, she addresses the needs your complexion is calling out for.

A light glycolic peel, followed by a diamond tip micro-derm abrasion and a hydrating mask is what my complexion was sorely in need of during these cold dry winter months. Amparo was not only knowledgeable but also very informative. As Amparo applies the treatments, she explains what each step is, how it will help the skin and rejuvenate your complexion. Isn’t that what we “ladies of a certain age” are in search of?

At the end of this soothing session, not only do you feel like your skin is clean and smooth but the best part is that the treatment and products used at A New Image Salon are not harsh. You will have a slight reddish color but almost like you are blushing not blistering. You can go home, apply your make up and go to a party. You will feel sexy and, remember that Mona Lisa-like smile? Oh yeah, you will walk around that party with that smile when your friends tell you how great you look.

Thanks to Amparo at A New Image Salon


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