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Friday, November 16, 2012 17:36

 Hair: Long or Short

Written by Patricia

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Every season women ask themselves this same question. Should I just take the dive and have it cut short. But oh how the fear sets in. Well sisters, fret not; hair will grow. If you really hate it there is always extensions. Whew. Relief.

Well the BOB is back. In reality it never went away. It is updated and revamped. It is a haircut, which is easy to care of and easy to create. The bob is a cut that works great in City living, because it looks great wavy. Should you need to make a quick change then it is easy to blow out straight.

So why so many ladies love the bob? Because it is versatile. Add some bangs and bam! New look. Add some texturizing as it grows out so you can always keep it relevant.

My vote. The bob rocks.

Check out the winner, Cameron Diaz. Runner up? Jennifer Anniston. Versatility: Katy Perry

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